Concrete Grinding

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Do you need crushed concrete in Jacksonville FL? If so, we can offer you a high-quality mix for a low cost. You can use it to make your concrete projects, no matter what they are. However, do you know what concrete grinding is and why it would be useful to you?

What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding uses a tool to smooth down rough concrete surfaces. This provides the surface with a smooth and pleasant finish. We can do our grinding either wet or dry, depending on the conditions of the floor.

It is important to grind your concrete floors, any of our concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL will tell you that. Going through this process eliminates the rough and uneven surfaces of concrete that were under flooring previously.

If you want to install hardwood or tiles, then you need the concrete layer to be as smooth as possible. Doing this also increases the lifespan of your floors.

What are the Advantages?

Grinding concrete removes the imperfections in the concrete, creating a smooth surface that can be used. Old concrete surfaces can be restored through this process- it is much more cost-efficient than installing new concrete floors completely.

This process also removes dirt, paint, and epoxies from the surface. This is because the grinder tool rubs away the entire top layer and everything on it. This is great if you want to install new flooring, but the materials on the concrete are in the way.

The smooth surface can have the flooring installed on it much easier. Plus, if you have a warehouse, then concrete is the best option for you. This process keeps your floors in the perfect working condition since you would not want uneven concrete with all the foot traffic going through.

Our concrete company in Jacksonville FL has the required tools available and skills to handle this type of job well, so be sure to consider us for all of your grinding concrete needs.

Outdoor Concrete Grinding

We also can use our tool on the outside of your home. This process is great for driveways and sidewalks that need some touch-up to be smooth again. Plus, smooth paths are easier to walk or drive on and grinding can also provide skid resistance.

If you want the exterior of your home to look the best that it can, then making repairs to old driveways and other paths are important. These are the areas that people notice first when they come to your home, which can leave an impression on them.

We tackle all of these projects with the intent to make something amazing, so you can be sure that the results match exactly what you had in mind.